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Privacy Policy

This is our Privacy Policy and sets out how we process your personal data on the basis of your use of this website. Any queries relating to this Privacy Policy and any other aspect of your data privacy can be addressed to us at gdpr@rocsgrp.com


What personal data do we process?

Our site is designed in such a manner that makes it possible for users to visit and use our site without disclosing or revealing any information about themselves.  However, you may choose to provide us with personal information when you contact us via the ‘Contact Us’ page of our site.  Should this occur we oblige ourselves to process any such data that you may provide in full accordance with all applicable data privacy laws, and in such a manner that is necessary for us to be able to respond to and administer any request that you may make.

From time to time we may further process your personal data to provide you with information about commercial or promotional offers on our products and services, and which we feel may be of interest to you. Please inform us by sending an e-mail to gdpr@rocsgrp.com if you do not wish to receive any such information from us.  In some cases where it is technically possible to do so, you will also be offered the opportunity to unsubscribe your email address using a direct link provided in the emails themselves.  In some instances, we may require you to identify yourself using a recognised identity document in order to process your request.

We must remind you that the Company’s operations range across varied spheres of activity, so it is possible that the communications we send to you may not relate solely to the business area in which you have interacted with us.


Use of Cookies

Our website uses “cookies”.  A “cookie” is a piece of software, which may be sent to and stored on your computer, and which enables us to collect information about how our website is being used and to manage our site more efficiently. Our cookies will only track general usage patterns and technical information about your computer type and will not be used to identify you individually.

More specifically, the information gathered through cookies may include:

the date and time when you access our website, the duration of each visit, and the number and times of visits; the website pages that you view and any download that you may make through such pages; whether or not such viewing or download is successful; the internet address of the website or the domain name of the computer from which you access our website; your language preferences; the operating system of the machine running your web browser; and the type and version of your web browser.

Should you wish to reject all or certain cookies used by our website, you may modify your web browser preferences to do so.  If however you reject all cookies then you might be unable to use and/or access some of the pages or facilities available on our website. Moreover, you may set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the opportunity to choose whether or not you wish to accept it. In this regard, you should note that if you do so, this may materially distort the quality of service and data you receive. You therefore do this at your own risk.


Providing of personal data to third parties

We do not pass on your details collected from you as a visitor to this site to any third party unless you give us your consent to do so, or in the instances indicated below.

You will be aware however that data sent via the Internet may be transmitted across international borders even where sender and receiver of information are located in the same country. Consequently, data relating to you may be transmitted via a country having a lower level of data protection than that existing in your country of residence.

Without prejudice to anything contained in this Privacy Policy, we reserve the right to disclose personal data relating to you to any third party if such disclosures are necessary inter alia for the following purposes:

for the purpose of preventing, detecting or suppressing fraud or any other criminal activity; where it is a matter of national or public security. in the interest of national budgetary, monetary or taxation matters that can arise. to protect and defend our rights and property or that of users of our website; to protect against abuse, misuse or unauthorised use of our website; to protect the personal safety or property of users of our website (e.g. if you provide false or deceptive information about yourself or attempt to pose as someone else, we shall disclose any information we may have about you in our possession so as to assist any type of investigation into your actions); for any purpose that may be necessary for the performance of any agreement you may have entered into with us; or as may be allowed or required by or under any law.

We do not transfer your personal information to any third parties for marketing purposes.


Retention of personal data

No personal data that we process will be kept longer than necessary for the purposes for which it is processed. The Company has a policy of deleting personal data that is older than ten (10) years, so unless there is a valid legal reason for retaining your data for longer than that (for instance if you have given us your permission to do so, or if you remain an active customer of the Company), your data will typically be deleted after this ten-year period.



This Privacy Policy and all other personal data processing we may undertake is in strict accordance with Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta (Data Protection Act), and with EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation).  We will also endeavour to employ all reasonable efforts to safeguard the confidentiality and security of all personal data that may be processed by us at any time.

We remind you that by its very nature the internet may not always be a secure medium and data sent via the internet can potentially be subject to unauthorised acts by third parties. We cannot guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of any information passing over our website, nor shall we accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for the security of your data while in transit through the internet.


Third Party Websites

Our website may from time to time contain links to both local and international third-party websites after obtaining permission from them. Any such links are not an endorsement by us of any information in such websites or products and/or services offered through the same. We shall not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the content, use, availability, privacy practices or the content of any such websites. Please note that upon entering such other websites, you become subject to the Privacy Policy of such other sites.

No third party is permitted to link any other website to our website without obtaining our prior consent in writing.


Changes to this Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to unilaterally modify this Privacy Policy at any time, particularly if statutory obligations so mandate or the interest of our users’ security so requires. Any such changes will be posted here so that you are always kept informed of how and why we process your personal information.  You will not be notified of any such change, and it is therefore in your own interest to check this “Privacy Policy” page from time to time so as to familiarise yourself with any changes. The date when this Policy was last updated is indicated at the end of this Policy.


Right of Access

Provided you fall within the legal definition of a ‘data subject’ in terms of Chapter 586 of the Laws of Malta and EU Regulation 2016/679, you have a right to request access to and/or rectification of your personal data processed by us. Any such request must be made in writing to us at the mailing address indicated here of the website and must be signed by yourself as the data subject to whom the particular data relates.  You will also asked to provide verification of your identity before any access request will be considered.  Should we process any data on you, you will be informed of the time period that will be necessary for us to collate this data, and you will be provided with a copy of this within that timeframe at no charge.  Additional or repeated copies may attract an administrative charge of which you will be informed beforehand.


Right to enter a complaint

You are reminded that the law grants you a right to lodge a complaint with your local or national data protection authority, provided you are based in an EEA territory.  In Malta, this is the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner, which may be accessed by clicking this link.


Data Protection Officer

The Data Protection Officer for the ROCS Group of Companies is Colin Aquilina who may be contacted using the following contact information:

The Data Protection Officer

Charichelon Company Limited

ROCS Group

21 ROCS House

Main Street

Mellieha MLH2310

Malta Europe

Tel:     (+356)2015 1311

Email:   gdpr@rocsgrp.com 


Governing Law & Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are governed by and will be interpreted and construed in accordance with the laws of Malta, and any claim or dispute arising therefrom or connected thereto will be referred exclusively to the Courts of Malta.





Section Buildings Contents Liability to others
Option A Euro 80,000 Euro 30,000 Euro 1,000,000
Option B Euro 120,000 Euro 50,000 Euro 1,000,000
Option C Euro 200,000 Euro 80,000 Euro 1,000,000



General Terms & Conditions


Who We Are

This website is owned and managed by Charichelon Company Limited, a company registered in Malta with the company registration number C 14614, and with  its operating address at ROCS Group, 21 ROCS House, Main Street, Mellieha MLH2310 Malta Europe

Any reference to ‘us’, ‘we’ or ‘our’ in these site terms and conditions shall mean a reference to this company.



Whilst every effort is made to maintain the accuracy of the information on our website, we cannot accept responsibility for any prejudice, loss or damage which may occur from use of the information contained herein.

Without prejudice to anything contained above, we expressly disclaim any and all liability whatsoever occasioned pursuant to anything done or omitted to be done wholly or partly in reliance upon the contents of this website, or any part thereof. We further expressly disclaim any and all liability in respect of any loss or damage suffered by any person of the information contained on this website.

All information on this Website is:

of a general informative nature only and should in no way be interpreted or construed as contractually binding in any way; not necessarily comprehensive, complete or up-to-date; and subject to change without notice.

Sometimes, information is linked to third-party websites over which we have no control and for which we assume no responsibility. We give no warranties of any kind, express or implied, with regard to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any information on this website.



The entire content of this website is owned and controlled by us, with all rights reserved. Our copyright, to the full extent permitted by the laws of Malta, stands on all reproductions of material publicly available on this website (“Material”) and no license is implied or granted to the user of this website.

You may download, store and use the Material for your own personal use and research or that of your firm or company. You may not republish, retransmit, redistribute or otherwise make the Material or any part thereof available to any other party or make the same available on any website, on-line service or bulletin board of your own or of any other party or make the same available in hard copy or on any other media without our express prior written consent.



Professional Fees and Debris Removal

This section covers the architects’ and surveyors’ fee to repair any loss or damage insured under this Policy and the cost of removing debris or propping up the damaged parts of the Buildings including the costs of meeting building regulations or local authority bye-laws.

Temporary Alternative Accommodation

If your home is made unfit to live in as a result of any loss of or damage insured, the section covers the rent you would have paid including reasonable additional costs payable for comparable accommodation for your family during the period necessary to restore your home to a condition fit to live in.

Air-Conditioning and Energy Saving Equipment

This section covers loss or damage caused by mechanical or electrical breakdown to air-conditioning equipment, solar heating systems and photovoltaic systems which are permanently installed to the Buildings, provided that at least annual maintenance is carried out.

Trace and Access

In case of escape of water you will be covered for the cost of locating and of removing and replacing any part of the buildings necessary to repair a household heating or water system.

New Fixtures and Fittings

New Fixtures and Fittings will be covered whilst in the home for installation or in the course of installation provided that no structural alterations to the buildings are required.

Damage by the emergency services

This section covers loss or damage to the buildings caused when the fire, police or ambulance services have to force in an entry or exit from your home because of an emergency.

Contents not in your home

Contents will be covered whilst temporarily removed from your home and remaining in Malta or in transit anywhere in Malta.

Christmas, Wedding and Graduation Gifts

During December for Christmas gifts bought and received and one month before or after a wedding or graduation the contents sum insured will increase automatically by 10% up to a maximum of €15,000

Locks and Keys

If you lose the keys or there is accidental damage to the locks the policy will cover you to replace the locks

Newly Acquired Contents

The contents sum insured will increase automatically by 10% for newly acquired contents

Food in a freezer in your home

Your frozen food contained in your freezer will be covered if the freezer is damaged by a rise or fall in temperature

Personal Money

This section covers theft of money up to the limit of €500

Pedal Cycles and Sports Equipment

Pedal cycles and sports equipment will be covered in Malta

Legal Expenses

This section covers legal costs and expenses incurred by you for legal proceedings in the event of a dispute relating to the purchase, hire, hire-purchase, service or repair of consumer.

Fatal Accident

If a member of your family dies within 60 days of any injury caused by an accident in your home this section covers €12,000

Liability to others

This section of the policy covers your legal liability for damages, claimant’s costs and expenses incurred solely as owner or occupier, if anyone, other than you, is accidentally injured, falls ill or
dies or if property, other than yours or is in your care, is accidentally lost or damaged.

Home Assistance & Emergency Services

Policy covers emergency repair service to secure your home and prevent further loss or damage occurring following an emergency as a result of one of the following occurrences:

1. Sudden or unexpected breakdown or damage to piping, leaks from sanitary fixtures and fittings and fixed water installations within your home;
2. Complete failure of the electrical supply within your home as a result of a fault or damage to the internal electrical installation;
3. Your home being made insecure or if entry is impeded due to loss or theft of keys or damage to locks as a result of theft or any other accidental cause or in the event that a member of your household may have locked himself/herself in a room;
4. Breakage of glazing to external windows or doors which render your home insecure.


Terms & Conditions


1. We will provide cover under this Policy only if the material information you gave us when applying for insurance or when making a claim is true as far as you know. To be covered by this Policy, you must keep to the terms, conditions and Endorsement(s) of this Policy.

2. You must do all that you reasonably can to prevent loss or damage to property insured under this Policy and to maintain such property in a sound condition and in a good state of repair.

3. As soon as you become aware of an event or cause that may lead to a claim under this Policy, you or your legal representatives must:
i. tell us immediately and provide us at your own expense all the information and help
we need;
ii. tell the Police immediately about any property which has been lost, stolen or maliciously damaged;
iii. do all you can to recover any lost or stolen property;
iv. tell the issuing authority immediately about any lost or stolen credit and debit cards;
v. forward us immediately and unanswered any writ, summons or other legal documents served on you or your family in connection with any claim or legal liability arising from injury or damage;
vi. not discuss, admit, reject or negotiate on any claim with anyone else without our written permission.

4. We will handle and settle your claims in the following manner:
i. in the event of loss or damage to the property described in the Schedule, we can choose to settle your claim by either repairing or replacing the property or by making a payment. Unless otherwise specified, a deduction for wear and tear or depreciation will not be made;
ii. we will not pay more than the Total Sum Insured specified in the Schedule for all claims resulting from one incident or accident. Similarly we will not pay more than one limit of liability shown in the Schedule for a single incident for liability cover;
iii. provided that the sum insured for Buildings and that for Contents represents its and their full value respectively and the repair or replacement is carried out without delay, we will not, except for clothing and household linen, deduct an amount for wear and tear or depreciation;
iv. if at the time of loss or damage the respective sums insured for Buildings and Contents are less than the cost of rebuilding or replacement as new, we will only pay in the same proportion as your Buildings or Contents sum insured bears to the full value of the property at the time of loss or damage;
v. we will not pay for the cost of replacing any undamaged part of the Buildings or Contents which forms part of a suite or part of a common design when damage is restricted to a specific part or to a clearly identifiable area and replacements cannot be matched. In that event, payment will be limited to the value which such item or items may have as part of such suite or design;
vi. we will not reduce the sum insured following a claim payment unless the claim relates to a total loss;
vii. we may enter any Building where loss or damage has occurred;
viii. following the settlement of any claim, any salvage becomes our property. You must not, however, abandon property to us but await our instructions as to its disposal;
ix. we may take over and conduct in your name with complete and exclusive control, the defense or settlement of any claim;
x. we may at our expense and for our own benefit start legal action in your name to recover compensation from others in respect of any amount paid or payable under this Policy;
xi. for any claim or series of claims arising from one event involving legal liability covered by this Policy, we may either pay up to the limit shown in the Schedule less any amounts previously paid or any lower amount for which we can settle your claim. Once we have made the payment, we will have no further liability for your claim.

5. Where fraud (including exaggeration) is detected, claims will not be paid and we may refer the matter to the Police for criminal prosecution. The Policy may not only be rendered invalid but we may also take other action consistent with our legal rights.

6. If any loss, damage or liability which you are claiming for under this Policy is covered by any other insurance, we will pay only our proportionate share of that claim.

7. i. You may cancel this Policy at any time during its term. Any refund of premium will be worked out from the date we receive your cancellation instructions. Provided no claim or loss has arisen in the current period of insurance, we will return part of the premium calculated on our cancellation rates for the unexpired period of insurance.

ii. If you are not entirely satisfied with the protection provided by the Policy you have purchased from our website, you have a right to cancel the said Policy within 14 days of the date of issue or receipt of the terms and conditions, provided you would not have lodged a claim under the Policy. We will refund you the Policy premium you have paid but not the government stamp duty. Notification in writing together with the Policy Schedule must be mailed to us.

8. We may cancel this Policy by sending you a registered letter giving you 7 days’ notice to your last known address. We will refund the appropriate proportion of your premium worked out on a pro-rata basis from the date of our letter.

9. If we disagree about the amount to be paid under this Policy (liability being otherwise admitted), you and we have the right to refer to arbitration. We will write to you to inform you of this option and must then write and tell us if you want to proceed. An arbitrator will be appointed in accordance with the statutory provisions in force at the time as amended or replaced from time to time. The apportionment of the costs and expenses of the arbitration will be determined by the arbitrator. The making of an award is a condition precedent to any right of action against us.

Using the arbitration procedure does not preclude you from appealing against the arbitrator’s decision in a court of law.

Step 1 – Contacting us

The first step is to talk to a member of our staff or to the intermediary if your Proposal was arranged through one. This can be done informally either directly or by telephone.

Usually the best staff member to talk to will be the person who dealt with the matter you are concerned about as they will be in the best position to help you promptly and to put things right. If they are not available or you would prefer to approach someone else then ask for the manager or senior person responsible. We will seek to resolve the problem immediately. If we cannot do this then we will take a record of your concern and arrange the best way and time for getting back to you. This will normally be within 2 working days.

Step 2 – taking your complaint further

If you are still unhappy the next step is to put your complaint in writing, addressing it to our Complaints Officer, setting out the details, explaining what you think went wrong and what you feel would put things right. If you are not happy about writing a letter you can always ask a member of staff to take notes of your complaint which you will be then asked to sign. You will be provided with a copy for your own reference. This record will be passed promptly to the Complaints Officer to deal with.

Once our Complaints Officer receives a written complaint, s/he will arrange for it to be fully investigated. Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within 5 days of receiving it and the letter will say when you can expect a full response. This should normally be within 3 weeks unless the matter is very complicated such as where other organisations need to be contacted. Where this is the case we will still let you know what action is being taken and tell you when we expect to provide you with a full response.

taking your complaint elsewhere

If you are still not satisfied with the Complaints Officer’s response, you can always seek advice elsewhere. You may contact the Consumer Complaints Manager at the Malta Financial Services Authority on 8007 4924 or 2144 1155.

Following these procedures will not affect your right to take legal action.




Our corporate mission at ROCS Group is to provide premier personal general insurance products and quality service to our customers. This is accomplished by adhering to the highest ethical standards, respect to the individual and with the use of sound business practices.

Our overall objective is to attain consistent results by structuring exceptional programs, provide a superior service and to grow our business every year.

This is accomplished with the creation of a working environment where employees face challenges with a positive attitude. In today’s rapidly changing economy, we like to think of ourselves as both challenged and lucky to be able to serve our clients in ways they have made us a trusted business. Our goal at ROCS Group is to continue doing just that.


Over the past few years the name ROCS Group has become synonymous with Maltese families as the intermediary that they should consult before buying any form of insurance or life assurance savings policies.
ROCS Group has built a solid reputation for the excellent services offered to its clients by a dedicated team of young professionals.

ROCS Group personnel always try to make the world of insurance as simple as possible to clients.
Attention to detail combined with the personal touch offered by all the staff, has been one of the cornerstones which has made many clients from all walks of life return to ROCS for their various insurance needs.

Like most success stories ROCS Group is built by an impressive team effort. This success was only possible with the full support of Mapfre Middlesea and MSVLife.

At the Middlesea Valletta 10th anniversary celebrations, ROCS Group was awarded an honour by Mr Mario C. Grech - Deputy Chairman of MSV Life Plc. - for the highest producing company sub-agency for the period 1994-2004. ROCS Group has also been awarded a similar honour by Mapfre Middlesea on the occasion of their 20th Anniversary celebrations in 2001.

ROCS Group is licensed as a tied insurance intermediary for Mapfre Middlesea PLC and as such offers all classes of insurance. These include personal policies like motor, home and health. ROCS Group also offers assistance to corporate customers. As a licensed tied insurance intermediary for Mapfre MSVLife PLC , ROCS Group offers a vast array of savings and protection policies such as The Mapfre MSVLife Baby Bond, The Mapfre MSVLife Retirement Plan and the Mapfre MSVLife Single Premium Plan.

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